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Dear Sir/ Madam,moi

Allow me hereby to propose my candidacy for the advertised position in your mission.

I have proven fitness to multicultural information collection and distribution as well as program development in several cultural environments and have excellent feedback from my colleagues and evaluators.

My background involves assignments that require intense intercultural business and developmental communication, custom solutions, project development and accurate reporting. In addition I am good with audience both in written and in oral communication. My achievement has been appreciated working for international structures in Western and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, US, Middle East and Scandinavia. In task performance I am accurate, efficient, creative, resourceful and timely.

I have worked in teaching, mentoring and coaching projects which required working under demanding circumstances cross-culturally joining interests of diverse groups and nationalities. For the last six years I have worked with high risk criminal offender negotiation and development programs internationally and in three different languages. I have successfully been engaged in rapid development, cross-cultural economics and political communication making efficient connections with targeted groups through activity and goal-oriented implementation. I am good in organizing and developing local networks as for the last two decades my work has been closely related to governments, entrepreneurs and public sphere in mutually beneficial relations, intercultural communication and sustainable business establishment. I believe in development through active experimenting, group analyze and practical work through interaction. I am updated, proficient and positively curious about new equipment and technology, proficient in both qualitative and quantitative research methods and the implementation of combinations (mixed methods study). My students and teams have shown excellent performance through the last decade.

For the last 5-6 years I have, in addition, been interested in learning programs’ development and application. My programs have been noticed and recognized by professional circles. Strengthened academic background (PHD in 2014) has given more confidence for exercising creative multisided solutions and for wider communication audience. I am fluent in several languages; hobbies support my professional achievement; studies in political communication and sustainable business and social development of systems are in well-managed process.

People know me as a creative and flexible developer, determined and dependable team player, persistent and persuasive presenter, self-sufficient as needed. Colleagues describe me as a solution-oriented, analytical and conceptual person; working with new problems is not a pressure but an interesting challenge.

In addition, I am optimistic, motivated, quick and enthusiastic learner. As a person, I carry good communication skills and positive attitude towards solutions.

Hopefully, there will be an opportunity to discuss my candidacy on further meetings. 

Sincerely yours,
Tuuli Stewart


*Do not hesitate to ask for more detailed CV, related description of competences and certificates

References: provided by request (various international contacts)